Ace Race

Where: Pioneer Park, Kirkland

When: Saturday, October 8th at 11 a.m.

Cost: $25

Here's a link with all of the info:

The player pack includes a bag this year!

It should be tons of fun. I could really use a few extra baskets if anyone could bring some and let me know via this discussion board. If I put you on the list I will reserve your spot until 11. I've never actually sold out but we keep adding more people every year. Also if someone could mention this at leagues this week and tell people to sign up or get a list of names that'd be great.


Update: I've ordered 46 player packs. I'll try to update this list every few days and certainly the night before. Feel free to reserve spots all the way up until Friday afternoon, possibly evening. Tell your friends! Supposed to be great weather!


I just got the player's packs and the disc feels awesome. It should yield a lot of aces.


As you can see elsewhere in this post, we'll be doing lunch. If you could bring something to share, that would be excellent. You can still eat even if you don't bring anything.


I'll be setting up the course at 8:30ish. If you would like to help (and get some practice throws in) you are more than welcome to join me. If you are bringing extra baskets, it'd be helpful if you could be there by 10:30 so I can get everything set up.


My email is if you have questions or comments.


Here's my current list of people who have signed up:

  1. David Kreimeier

  2. Heather Preston

  3. Nick Chernicovich

  4. Kenton Sherwood

  5. Nick Winter

  6. Stephen Reed

  7. Robert Andrew

  8. Nathan Schaefer

  9. Steven Taylor

  10. Patrick Smith

  11. Sarah Moreno

  12. Me
  13. Kyle Wagner
  14. Ron
  15. Duain
  16. Mike VT
  17. Brian Larson
  18. Jason Herring
  19. Brennan
  20. Chad
  21. Mike
  22. Christy
  23. Brad Beck
  24. Jon Kugel
  25. Jason Gordon
  26. Tim H.
  27. Tim +1
  28. Alan Webster
  29. Eric Echo
  30. Blake
  31. Shawn
  32. Mike F
  33. Jason Burkart
  34. Jason's friend Randy
  35. Matt Walter
  36. Matt W +1
  37. Jeremy Heeren
  38. Arnie
  39. Scott Franke
  40. Dag
  41. Evan
  42. Laura K
  43. Kenton +1


Wait list:


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Reposted this to the Fox Valley Metro website and the Marengo Disc Golf Facebook page.You're welcome to use my basket though I can't commit myself to the event as the home front is kinda stormy right now. Sounds like this year's disc is perfect for this type of competition. I heard slow, neutral stable, large diameter with glide.

Bob, I have a basket I can bring with, and I may be able to get a second to bring up too. 

ok cool. I'll let you know what I need when it gets closer to the date
Sounds good.
If you could bring at least one, that'd be great. I'll be counting on one from you but I'm  hoping to have as many as possible.
Ron and I will be there. the Rockford club rescheduled their Innova ACE race to Oct 9th instead of on the 8th so some of them could come.
What, are you two having a slumber party the night before?
Dork. Ron said he was going to it
I'm in with 2 guests.
can I get their names please?
I'm giving them a couple more days to officially commit... if you dont mind.
Ok. I need to place an order by Friday so it'd be nice to have a good idea of how many to order so that no one gets left out and I don't end up with a bunch of extra player packs. I'll probably order 15-20 more than whatever I have on my official list by Friday and then it will be first come first serve.


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