Saturday October 6th

Pioneer Park in Kirkland, IL

I'll try the more informal approach of starting your round whenever you get here between 10 and 12. We won't have a break between rounds although I'll try to get a score board set up to update as "scores" come in.

If you're not familiar with an ace race, here's a brief overview:

It's only $25 and you get 2 of the same sweet disc, a super color mini, a pair of sunglasses, and a nice water bottle. So it's totally worth more than $25 just from the stuff you'll get. The disc is a nice driver this year. It's sort of like a slightly less stable stalker. It more or less flies like a brand new buzzz but a little faster. 

After you get the players pack, you'll go out with a group of people. I think I want to encourage the groups to be a little bigger so that it'll be more exciting. You get to throw both discs on every hole and you're just trying to get aces. You can also mark if you hit metal. Most aces wins with most metals acting as a tie-breaker. I'll shorten up the course a bit and add some extra cool holes so it should be a great experience.

I'll order my player packs on Friday Sept. 21 so it'd be great to have an accurate count by then. Feel free to spread the word to whomever. The easiest and preferred way to register is to reply to this discussion. People can also txt me at 815 592 8418. Make sure to include some info and mention the ace race. I'm fine with word of mouth registration too. Just let me know so I can update my list on here. If you're name is on the list before 9/21 you'll be guaranteed a spot as long as you show up at the event by 11:30. I think that's it for now. Feel free to ask questions. 

More info can be found here:

Course info/location can be found here:

"Registered" players:

1. Me

2. Duain

3. Matthew O

4. Brandon G

5. Jordan U

6. Derrick

7. eric p

8. shawn k.

9. julian k

10. john h

11. blake p

12. adam smith

13. mike vitek

14. kevin cline

15. darien dewitt

16. Michael Burke

17. Devin r.

18. Nathan Shaeffer

19. Lance St. Claire

20. Travis St. Claire

21. Bill Stanton

22. Jason H

23. Corey

24. Matt

25. Alex (jandro)

26. Kyle Lawrence

27. Kyle plus 1

28. Dwayne

29 Jason B

30 shawn

31 Mike F

32 Charles

33 Charles +1

34 Charles +2

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I'll be there and have my basket with me. I posted this info on the clubs Facebook page.

Mathew O, Brandon G, and Jordan U all confirmed they were coming on our Facebook page.

Derrik and Carmi are coming. I spoke with Derrik at leagues tonight.

ive decided to play! sign me up if there is a spot please.


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