Saturday October 5th. 11AM Pioneer Park Kirkland, IL.

Cost is $25 and we only count Aces and Basket hits. You throw both of your player pack discs at each hole, and use the Mini disc that comes in the player pack for the Mini Basket shots. Hope to see you there..

There will be 20+ shortened holes and some mini basket shots, like previous years. Here's a Link to the players pack.

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The Annual Kirkland Discraft ACE Race set for Oct. 5th 11am is on the site now, just waiting for the posters to come so we can get it posted at the course. Usually have a great turnout. There will be 20+ shortened holes and some mini basket shots, like previous years.

Im in for sure! with 2 "maybes"

Besides the emails, we have:

1. Bob G.

2. Duain A.

3. Jason B. w/2maybes

4. Matt O.

5. Brandon G.

6. Jon K.

7. Dag G.

8. Scott H.

9. Mike Vt.

10. Matt Mormon

11. Chad C.

12. Ron B.

13. Dwayne K.

14. Alex Bartosz

15. Alejandro Lopez

16. Brad Beck

17. Cole B

18. Joe Lamantia

19. Jason Herring

20. Jordan U.

21. Rich U.

22. Mike B.

23. Jason G

24. Scott F

Reminder we need to know by the 17th if you plan on coming so we can order the players packs. If you're not on the list and are a maybe, we need to know.

Is this list of 22 the most official between this, facebook, and in person? I have a bunch more via email on my own list but I wanted to make sure I got everyone from here.

Yes this is the most current list, I've been updating it as people committed to play.

Thanks to everyone who came and played before the storms rolled in. 27 Normal size baskets, 3 mini baskets = 114 throws per person total(2 rounds with both discs, except the mini baskets, 1 shot per basket per round). There are a few players packs remaining from the No-Shows Contact Bob G if interested in one. 40+ people for the 6th Annual Kirkland ACE Race. See everyone next year.


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