Spring/Summer Leagues 2013

Fridays @ 5:00pm in DeKalb @ Prairie Park.


The league will start on April 5th and go into October. Alts and extra holes will be played, weather permitting. Maybe rotate courses every now and again between Dekalb, Kirkland, and the new Skare Park course by Rochelle(when its ready for play).

$5 - Random Doubles
$2  - 2 Ctps, in play both rounds

$1 - Ace pool

$8 - Total


The point system will be the same as our other leagues.

1st - 4points
2nd - 3points
3rd - 2points
Attendance - 1point


 -If you leave during the round for anything other than an emergency, you will get a strike and no points. If you obtain 3 strikes during one league season you will not be allowed to play for points during the rest of that season. We don't want people getting cheated. The partner of the person that had to leave will be able to finish the round playing with CALI rules(2 Drives or 2 Putts inside the circle, any other shot in-between your drive and the 10meter circle you'll have 2 throws at).

This league is to have fun and get together with other golfers..


-No ACE Pot Cap


-You must be present at leagues at least 30%  of the time to collect the full ACE amount, otherwise you will get only half the amount (unless the amount is $50 or less then you will get the full amount, or if the ACE pot is $50-$99 you will get $50.).

-Most people split ACE $$ with their partner, but that is up to you to decide before the round so there is no miscommunication.

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Results 09/20/2013: 5:15 Start Time 09/27

16 people out to throw.

Jon/Mike Vt -14 1st 4points
Matt M/Ron -14 2nd 3points
Duain/Matt O -10 3rd 2points - tie
Jordan/Mike -10 3rd 2points - tie
Dag/Little D -9 1point
Alex B/Brandon -7 1point
Corey/Jake B -7 1point
Christy/Rich -3 1point

ACE $16

Ron 66
Jon 56
Duain 35
Mike 33
Dan P 32
Corey 32
Mike Vt 29
Bob 7
Jake B 1

Jordan 42
Brandon 35
Christy 30
Jim 28
Dag 25
Matt O 25
Matt M 24
Little D 23
Joe C 22
Alex B 19
Cole 17
Rich 14
Jason H 10
Jason B 8
Alec 8
Taylor 7
Alex 7
Andrew 4
Matt W 3
Zach 3
Mike B 2
Colton 2
Tye 2
Teddy 2
Shawn 2
Joe 2
Chad N 1
Mark S 1
Dale S. 1
Brandon S. 1
Mike 1
Dan F 1
Hollis 1.


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